How can different surfaces affect the bounce of ping pong balls

In table tennis, a skilled player can exploit the ball's spin to affect the trajectory of the ball during its flight and its reaction upon impact with a surface the lift coefficient is a complex factor which depends amongst other things on the ratio rω/v, the reynolds number, and surface roughness. The effect of changing the drop height will be measured by calculating the bounce efficiency of the tennis ball this is the dependent variable because it will change in response to the changes made in the bounce height due to the different amounts of gravitational potential energy involved. However, objects on the surface of the earth usually have an air resistance force on them also when can we ignore this extra force and when is it air resistance dropped from the same height in this plot, you can see that the ping pong ball hits after the no-air resistance ball with a time difference of 032. Drop the two balls simultaneously and observe the heights that the balls bounce to “which ball bounced higher” repeat using a tennis ball and a ping pong ball “which ball bounced higher this time” explain- “what is the difference between the balls that causes the difference in bounce height” hopefully students would. In width it shall be supported so that its upper surface, termed the playing surface , shall lie in a horizontal plane 76 cm (2 ft 6 in) above the floor 12 it shall be made of any material and shall yield a uniform bounce of about 23 cm (8 3/4 in) when a standard ball is dropped from a height of 30 cm (12 in) above the surface.

Will a cold ball bounce higher or lower than one at room temperature we had a good guess of what might happen, but we also thought that it was possible that there wouldn't be any difference at all well, we it would also be fun to explore the effect of different surfaces on the bounce of the bouncy ball. Ping pong balls are small, lightweight, usually celluloid balls used in playing ping pong or table tennis ping pong the struck surface absorbs much of the energy limiting the bounce of the ball, making ping pong a more playable game than it would be with a livelier ball with a flexible shell that pushed back when struck. Problem', in this case a tennis ball and a table tennis ball impact (online version in colour) using a variety of different spherical (and, for the upper 'ball', non- spherical) bodies with data recorded using an early prior attempt to extend the icm model to describe what happens in the two-ball bounce problem is the work of.

Eg tennis, sponge, rubber, ping pong (try to avoid large balls like footballs and a hard surface on which the balls can bounce suggested measures: length ( standard or non-standard) data: represent data (eg bar charts for different balls on same surface or same ball on different surfaces) skills: predicting. The surface affects the style of play: clay is a slow surface, while grass is faster and prone to crazy bounces the magnus effect -- when applied to tennis and other ball sports, the bernoulli effect is often called the magnus effect, after 19th -century german physicist h g magnus who studied the forces. I would then take out a normal playground ball and a meter stick and ask the the students to predict the height the ball would bounce if dropped from a meter off the ground drop the popper onto a hard surface in such a way that the ping- pong ball remains above the popper and inside of its “bowl. Some of the energy gained by the ball will be dispersed to the surface and the ball should bounce at a lower height than the original bounce now different surface have different state of hardness and texture the harder the surface, the less energy will be lost by the ball and he higher it will bounce now, the smoother the.

Engage students by having them drop and collide toy balls of different mass and size the results may be in this activity, a ping-pong ball and a mini-basketball will be dropped simultaneously, creating an elastic collision the the mini- basketball will hit the surface below and rebound, colliding with the ping-pong ball. Essay about bouncing ball experiment - bouncing ball experiment our simple experiment is to drop a ping pong ball weighed at 3 grams from a height of 1 metre bouncing ball investigation essay - bouncing ball investigation aims: in this experiment, i'm going to discover how the surface affects the height that a of a. Tennis racket or a table tennis bat or a golf club or a cricket or baseball bat6is of interest in relation to the dynamics of these sports, both in terms of the flight aerodynamics and the sub- sequent bounce off the playing surface the spin of a ball in flight is difficult to measure with any technique other than.

If you're up for a challenge, try your experiment with other types of balls, such as rubber bouncy balls, soccer balls, baseballs, or soccer balls based upon the amount of air in each ball, how does temperature affect their bounce formulate a hypothesis for each ball and then test it, using the method described in the activity. As opposed to what diamond, carpet, sand, neoprene, or your soft, soft pillow during the process of a bounce, some of the ball's kinetic energy is transferred to the surface it bounces on, and it's always slightly “less kinetic” after impact that kinetic energy is usually transferred from the ball through sound energy, heat. Different surfaces equal different bounce balls get distorted when they bounce not only does a ball distort its shape--so does the surface on which the ball bounces surfaces that give, such as styrofoam and cork, deform as a ball hits against them and save the molecules in the ball from having to do.

How can different surfaces affect the bounce of ping pong balls

On a soft, squishy surface, the ping-pong ball may bounce less well (but then again, the other balls may bounce less well also) some surfaces are very complicated, like a mattress if you drop a ping-pong ball from a meter's height on a mattress, it will probably lose almost all of its energy in the cloth and padding and not. Table tennis ball, golf ball, squash ball, solid rubber ball (similar sizes) solid rubber balls in different sizes (similar materials) old and new tennis balls ( different surface textures/ages) a measuring stick/ruler marked in centimetres long enough to record the highest ball bounce a similar length stick, marked in 5 –10cm.

  • Try bouncing balls with different stiffness (like a fully-inflated soccer ball compared to a half-inflated soccer ball, or a tennis ball compared to a baseball) and see what happens also, the type of surface you bounce the ball on will affect how high the ball bounces - try bouncing a ball on hard concrete and then on soft grass.
  • I am working on a project about if weight affects the bounce off a trampoline i know weight doesn't affect the rate at which the object will fall(gravity) but will the weight affect the elastic potential energy i will use varing size/weight balls ( compare bowling ball/soccer ballcompare pingpong ball/golf ball etc).
  • When you are building a ping-pong table or refinishing a table tennis table, you may wonder what type of playing surface material and paint is needed and whether it matters here are some pointers on what you can use playing surface material all of the modern table tennis tables are manufactured with.

A basketball or other large bouncing ball a tennis ball or other bouncing ball that is smaller and lighter than the bigger ball a ping-pong ball, smaller and lighter than both other balls (optional) a hard surface to bounce balls, preferably outdoors, surrounded by a large open area where a ball can fly without. Here, we analyze the ping-pong ball's motion, and explore how the correct paddle angle relates to the ball's spin and speed, as it moves vertically up and down k kamijima, y ushiyama, t yasaka, and m ooba, “ effect of different playing surfaces of the table on ball bounces in table tennis,” the 13th ittf sports. This lesson introduces the concepts of momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions many sports and games, such as baseball and ping-pong, illustrate the ideas of momentum and collisions students explore these concepts by bouncing assorted balls on different surfaces and calculating the momentum for.

how can different surfaces affect the bounce of ping pong balls As useful clues in understanding the dynamic behavior of a physical system this paper describes a simple experiment in which physical information can be extracted from the time intervals (of silence) between bounce sounds, after a ping -pong ball is dropped onto a hard table surface (musician arthur shnabel once said,.
How can different surfaces affect the bounce of ping pong balls
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